Construction Planning | Clean Build Protocol

In order to bring a project in on time and within the established budget, it is essential to plan out the project from the beginning to the end. The use of a detailed Gantt Chart insures that all areas of construction are identified and that all trades have a designated plan of attack. A computer generated Gantt Chart also gives our clients the ability to track daily progress of their project.

Clean-Build Protocol

The key to a successful cleanroom construction project is maintain a clean working environment throughout all phases of construction. MCA Clean-build procedures include:

- Clean-build training program for all trades - Isolation of cleanzone through the use of temporary barriers - Isolated construction gowning entrance - Clean-build Quality Assurance inspections


On-site construction safety is a top priority at MCA. Our corporate philosophy is to insure that all trades on our projects meet or exceed industry standards. Safety training meetings and highly trained on-site supervision insure safe construction practices.

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