Midwest Cleanroom Associates

Engineering Expertise

Midwest Cleanroom Associates is a full-service design/build firm that specializes in the design and construction of cleanrooms for various industries including microelectronic, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, and paint finishing facilities.

Our staff is made up of a carefully selected group of professionals that have over 100 cumulative years experience in the design and construction of cleanrooms worldwide. We believe our size is a distinct advantage to our clients. We are large enough to provide our clients with the staff and technical knowledge to handle major projects, yet small enough to give our clients the prompt, personal attention they deserve.


Clean Design

Our Architectural Department has complete cleanroom design capabilities and can be involved with your project from the initial design development phase through the punch list and closure of your project. We also have the capabilities of working with you to develop unique or custom enclosures or components to meet your specific needs.

Services provided by MCA's Architectural Department include: - Design development - Feasibility studies - Wall systems - Ceiling systems - Structural / Seismic design - Floor Systems - Custom product or component development.

  • Design development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Wall systems
  • Ceiling systems
  • Floor Systems
  • Custom product or component development
  • Structural / Seismic design


Our cleanrooms are designed for many kinds of applications and built to meet cleanliness levels from ISO 14664-1 and FED STD 209E. Additionally, we can engineer cleanrooms to meet unique or specific specifications.

MCA can retrofit existing facilities or design an entirely new cleanroom. Our approach to a new project is flexible to meet the complete needs of our clients. We examine and become thoroughly familiar with client operations, plant layout, packaging techniques, process flow and material handling requirements as part of our engineering and construction effort.

  • Design development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Wall systems
  • Ceiling systems
  • Floor Systems
  • Custom product or component development
  • Structural / Seismic design


In order to bring a project in on time and within the established budget, it is essential to plan out the project from the beginning to the end. The use of a detailed Gantt Chart insures that all areas of construction are identified and that all trades have a designated plan of attack. A computer generated Gantt Chart also gives our clients the ability to track daily progress of their project.

Clean-Build Protocol: The key to a successful cleanroom construction project is maintain a clean working environment throughout all phases of construction. MCA Clean-build procedures include:- Clean-build training program for all trades - Isolation of cleanzone through the use of temporary barriers - Isolated construction gowning entrance - Clean-build Quality Assurance inspections

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Build-Clean Protocol


CLEANROOM TESTING | CERTIFICATION:Our field service group provides a unique and valuable service, not only for Midwest Cleanroom Associates, but for other cleanroom clients around the country. Their expertise in HVAC Design, Testing & Balancing, and System's Commissioning, along with cleanroom certification, makes this entity one of the most unique groups in the country.

MCA PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: Testing & Balancing - Air system balancing - Hot water/chilled water balancing - Process water balancing - Process system verification - Studies and Evaluations - HVAC system performance analysis - Cleanroom performance testing - Analytical testing and problem solving

SYSTEMS COMMISSIONING: Pre-commissioning activities - HVAC and cleanroom checklists - HVAC systems verification - Control verification and system simulation

TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES: Ceiling gel pour - Filter installation - Cleanroom Certification - As-built certification - At-Rest certification - Operational certification - Testing procedures in accordance with current IES and ISO standards

  • Testing
  • Certification
  • HVAC Airside balancing
  • Control verification
  • System simulation
  • As-built certifcations


On-site construction safety is a top priority at MCA. Our corporate philosophy is to insure that all trades on our projects meet or exceed industry standards. Safety training meetings and highly trained on-site supervision insure safe construction practices.

  • Safety training
  • On-site supervision
  • Training meetings